Solar Water Pump with Battery Backup

Don’t have electricity near your pond or water feature? No problem, no power required. ATO Solar Pump Kits are the ideal DIY solar kits on the market. These kits are perfect for a number of different applications including fountains, small waterfalls and other backyard features where electricity isn’t readily available.

Unlike other solar water pumps we have tried, this solar pumps are more heavy duty and built to last. These kits include everything you need for quick and easy installation in your pond or water feature.

  • Reliable, brush-less pump motor.
  • Dry-run protection to prevent pump damage in low water conditions.
  • Comes with 18V solar panel and 16′ quick-connect cable.
  • Includes fountain nozzle set with 2 spray patterns.
  • Operates in direct sunlight, no power outlet required.


  • This special solar battery back-up is designed specifically for solar fountain pump. It can store solar energy for day or night use.
  • The input power should be from a solar module or DC power supply with an output voltage of 18V.
  • The battery back-up has build-in functions of overcharging and over discharging protection.
  • There is a bicolor LED light indicating the working status of the battery back-up. Green shows the battery is in normal operating status, while red shows the battery is in low voltage status, which requires the battery to be recharged.
  • Timing function is added to the battery back-up to decrease the energy consumption in cloudy days or winter. The pump works 10 minutes every hour if the timing function is enabled by placing the timer switch to “Timer On” position.
  • To get different pump performances, the output voltage can be adjusted in the range of 12V-24V through the potentiometer.
Solar water pumps with battery backup

Assembling& Operation

  • Loosen the screws on the underside of the housing and remove the cover from the battery box.
  • Place the electrical connector on the red (brown) cable onto the positive terminal of the rechargeable battery. See the figure above.
  • Place the cover back on the battery box and tighten the screws.
  • Connect the “Input” cable of the battery back-up to a solar module or a DC power supply, and tighten the protection screw if applicable.
  • Insert the pump plug to the “Output” socket of the battery back-up, and also tighten the protection screw.
  • Make sure to keep the solar water pump fully underwater when it operates.
  • Turn the On/Off switch on the battery to the ON position, then the G-normal/R low status LED on the battery shows green and the solar pump starts to operate.
  • The pump will automatically stop running while the battery is discharged to its low voltage limit, and the status LED shows red in the meantime.
  • The “G-normal/R-low” status LED stays in red before the battery is recharged to its starting voltage. After recharged to its starting voltage, the battery shall continue to be charged for an extra half hour with the status LED flashing red-green twice every 10 seconds. Then the pump automatically operates and the status LED shows green again.
  • The Timer on/Timer off switch switches the pump running mode between intermittent mode and continuous mode. In the intermittent mode, a build-in timer is enabled to run the pump 10 minutes per hour to save the energy, and it is especially useful in winter or on cloudy days. In the continuous mode, the build in timer is disabled and the pump shall run continuously.
  • If you want the pump to have longer operating time in the evenings or on cloudy days, then turn the On/Off switch.

This battery backup allows the solar panel water pump Kits to operate when the sun goes down by storing extra power in the batteries during the day. If you want to extend the time your solar pond pump works at night in your pond or water feature, then the battery backup is just what you need.

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