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Professional Solar Water Pumps Provider

In order to ensure the quality of solar water pump, our manufacture has continuously introduced various foreign technologies and equipment.

We have modern solar water pump workshop, and carry out different trainings for employees in each position to avoid quality problems of solar water pumps caused by improper operations. Every solar powered water pump from ATO is strictly manufactured, all links are controlled at all levels, the pump quality is effectively controlled. We work with many well-known companies and they have purchased solar products from ATO many times.


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We Offer Superior Solar Powered Water Pumps Products

Solar power well pump
Solar Water Well Pump

If you are pumping from a well, we have solar water well pumps that can deliver from 1 gallon per minute to over 75 gpm.

Solar powered fountain pump
Solar Fountain & Pond Pump

The solar fountain & pond pump has a greater power, which has better circulation and more powerful than other solar water pumps.

Solar power inverter
3 Phase Solar Pump Inverter

3 phase solar pump inverter, converts DC voltage from the solar panels into AC voltage to control three-phase pumps.

We also offer

Solar Panel Water Pump Kit

Place the solar panel in a place where the sun can shine directly to ensure that it is not blocked by other objects. When the solar panel receives sufficient light, the water pump works normally. It is recommended to wait for the pump to spray normally before connecting the nozzle. Please keep the water quality clean; clean the pump regularly.

Solar panel water pump kit
Why Choose Us

Six Reasons For People Choosing Us

Quality Material

Using high quality materials, the quality of our solar water pumps absolutely unambiguous.


We are a member of Integrity Pass, an on-site certified enterprise.

Trained Workers

Our company has very strict training for each employee to ensure that they know our products well.

Time Availability

Our company ships from our own exclusive factory, which can be shipped in time according to your requirements.

Quick Response

Our company will give timely and professional response accordance with the requirements of customers.

1 Year Warranty

We will provide a one-year warranty, you can buy and use with confidence. If the product has any quality problems, we will repair or return it for you in time

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Main Solar Water System Components

The water source, the pump, the power source, photovoltaic (PV) panels, a Linear current booster, wiring accessories and the water distribution system.

Steps of Designing a Solar Powered Pumping system

Step one: Determine needed flow. Step Two: Determine how much pressure is needed to get water from source to destination...

Solar Water Pump with Battery Backup

This special solar battery back-up is designed specifically for solar fountain pump. It can store solar energy for day or night use.