3 Phase Solar Pump Inverter, 1hp/3hp/5hp to 100hp

3 phase solar pumping system converts solar energy directly into electric energy, and then drives motors to drive water pumps to pump water from deep wells, rivers, lakes and other water sources. The system consists of solar panels, solar pump inverter and water pump.

Solar pump inverters

3 phase solar pump inverter, also called solar variable frequency drive, converts the direct current of solar panel into alternating current, thereby driving various AC motor water pumps (centrifugal pump, irrigation pump, deep well water pump, swimming pool pump, etc.), the input can be the solar DC power supply (DC 200V-350V, DC 350V-750V), also can be single phase or three phase AC power supply (AC 220V, 380V, 400V, 460V, 480V), built-in MPPT control system to maximize the output power of the PV array, is very suitable for use in remote and dry areas.

Capacity1hp/3hp/5hp…to 100hp
Weight2.4 kg to 50kg
Product dimension189.5*167*120 mm
Input voltageDC 260~350V, recommend DC 300~350V for 3-phase 220/230/240V motor;
DC 450~750V, recommend DC 600~700V for 3-phase 380/400/415/440/460/480V motor
Three phase 220/380/480V AC (±15%)
Vmp/ Voc voltageVMP≥280V, voc≤400V
Rated input current5.4 A
Input frequency47~63 Hz
Input power of solar panelAbout 1.5 times the solar pump inverter rated power
Output voltageThree phase 0~rated input voltage
Rated output current2.1 A
Output frequency50Hz/ 60Hz (output 0-300Hz please contact us)
DC 270~320V corresponds to 0-50Hz for 220V AC
Warranty18 months
  • Solar pump inverter adopts advanced MPPT control technology, real-time detection of solar panels power voltage, tracking the highest voltage and current, efficiency is as high as 98%.
  • It can enter automatically to sleep mode when the intensity of sunlight is weak, as well as can exit the sleep mode when the intensity of sunlight is becoming strong.
  • Automatic sleep when on high-water level and automatic restart when on low-water level to realize automatic control through water level.
  • Multiple power supply design, power input can be solar energy photovoltaic DC power supply (DC 260~350V, DC 450~750V), can also be single phase or three phase AC power, simple wiring.
  • Smart operation, water level detection and operation panel to prevent overflow, dry pumping.
  • Protect itself in trouble and improve the reliability of whole system.
  • The bypass- AC source which runs automatically when the sun is Not sufficient or absent.
solar pump inverter wiring application

Tips: Suggestions on how to build solar pump system
1. Installation of solar panels: The installation position should be no shade or obstruction all year round, and there is sufficient direct sunlight. The installation angle with the ground can be determined by reference to the local latitude to ensure that the solar panels receives the max. amount of illumination.
2. Selection of solar water pump inverter: Manufacturers with good product quality should be selected. Solar variable frequency drive with high tracking accuracy and conversion efficiency should be chosen. Tracking accuracy and conversion efficiency will directly affect the pumping effect.
3. Antifreeze: When installing in high and cold areas, the antifreeze treatment of the pipeline system should be done. It is necessary to bury the pipeline below the freezing line. In winter, the water cannot be stored in the pipeline. Otherwise, the pipeline may be broken due to icing.