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Solar Powered Pumps & Controllers

Solar water well pump

Solar Well Pumps

Solar well pumps adopt advanced MPPT control technology, real-time detection of solar panels power voltage, tracking the highest voltage and current.

Solar fountain pumps

Solar Fountain Pumps

The solar fountain pumps only needs 3 seconds to operate automatically in direct sun, with a spray height of 50-70cm. No electricity or battery needed.

Solar pond pump

Solar Pond Pumps

The Pond Pump is ideal for medium sized ponds, waterfalls, and container gardens. Pond pumps circulate and airate their environment.

Solar pump inverters

Solar Pump Inverters

The solar pump inverter with low cost, supports both DC and AC power inputs solar pump inverter controller, converts single phase input to three phase AC output.

Solar Pump Controllers

The solar pump controller has significant role in ensuring smooth operation of solar pumping system. It is equipped with advanced safety features.

Solar pv panel

Solar PV Panels

This solar PV panel advanced encapsulation material with multi-layered sheet laminations enhances cell performance and provides a long service life.

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