Flexible Solar PV Panel, 200/300/400 watt to 1000 watt

Product description

The solar pv panel adopts high-quality grade A+ solar cell manufacturing, higher modules conversion efficiency, making full use of light to generate electricity, and guaranteed positive output tolerance (0-3%). Dirt and corrosion resistant aluminum frame, pre-drilled holes for more portable solar installation, waterproof cable box and terminal block withstand high wind-pressure snow load and extreme temperature, all the features are great options for outdoor solar panels use.

Our solar pv panel with 200/300/400W to 1000W has a tempered glass layer with 95% light transmission not only allows the solar modules to convert light better, but also provides good protection,with good resistance to blows and hail.

This solar PV panel advanced encapsulation material with multi-layered sheet laminations enhances cell performance and provides a long service life.

Product NameSolar PV Panel
FrameAnodized aluminum alloy
Warranty2 Years
Solar SystemGrid-tied, on-grid, hybrid system
Panel Efficiency19.8%-20.9%
Batteries requiredNo
KeywordPower Solar System

* Excellent low light effect
* Poly PREC 156.75mm cells
* High quality and low breakage rate
* The poly solar cell has high efficiency

Size selection

Solar panels come in all shapes and sizes. When deciding where and how to install your panels, take into account the size of the panels, smaller panels with higher wattage will allow you to get the most out of your limited space.

Color selection

Solar panels are generally in two colors: silver, black or a mix of both. Color has no effect on performance, so choosing the right solar panel color color depends entirely on your personal taste.