How to Buy an Efficient Solar Water Pump?

The investment costs associated with buying solar water pumps are coming down in the past few years. However, the factors which influence the efficiency of a solar water pump are numerous and include:

  • Economic viability.
  • Access to money.
  • Installation, operation and maintenance.
  • Standardization and quality control of products and service.
  • Water management.
  • Social justice.
Solar water pump

Considering these factors, we can say that solar water pumping can provide significant environmental and socio-economic benefits at the farm and national levels. At the farm level, the technology can present a reliable source of energy in remote areas and especially in areas that are not connected to the electricity grid or lacking a regular supply of liquid fuels. On a national level, solar water pumping can help stabilize, increase and diversify agricultural production, which is the foundation of most African countries’ economies.

By definition, an efficient solar powered water pump system is one that receives plenty of sunlight and is installed specifically to the needs of the farm.

In a world, where there is a current energy crisis, there is a strong drive towards renewable energy. Despite the costs which are relatively higher, the real efficiency of solar systems is seen in their use over the years. As a renewable energy option, the exploitation of solar energy is a valuable option.

The focus of deploying solar water pumping is obviously set to South Africa and regions with poor economic development but plenty of sunlight. Paired with the right environmental conditions, the right amount of PV panels and controllers and the right installation setup of energy storages, converters, inverters, pumps and motors—the solar water pumping system can present a farm and a nation with numerous benefits.


If you are thinking or considering the applications of solar energy for agriculture, the benefits are numerous. With the ability to pump water for irrigation during dry and sunny weather in regions that need it most, panels like these can be easily installed and enable the pumps to work in wells of very low yields, offering a longer lifespan and plenty of energy in the long run.

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