Solar Water Pump for Agriculture

Because of the energy crisis is getting serious difficulties in irrigating their crops under such increasing diesel costs. There is a need to facilitate the farmers in alternative ways of powering their water pumps. There are lots of alternative ways, powering water pump, but most economical way is the solar pumping which can bring great outcomes in Farmers whom are facing serious difficulties in irrigating their crops under such severe energy crisis and ever increasing diesel costs. According to one estimate, In Pakistan, more than 1 Million solar water pumps are in use, out of which 750,000 are diesel driven pumps.

Solar water pump for agriculture

The Sun is 150 million kilometers away. Just the small fraction of the Sun’s energy that hits the earth is more than enough to meet all our energy demands. So our objective is to utilize this energy to derive an electrical pump for irrigation purpose. The Basic component of solar panel is known as solar cell.

Solar cells are designed to turn solar irradiance into electricity Photovoltaic cells directly convert sunlight into electricity. It is made up of silicon. Current production depends upon types of silicon used. Each cell produces 0.5 volts. Battery is used for the energy storage. The radiant heat and light energy from the sun is called as solar energy.

This is the most readily and abundantly available source of energy. Since ancient times this energy has been harnessed by humans using a range of innovations and ever-evolving technologies. The earth receives more energy in just one hour from the sun than what is consumed in the whole world for one year.

This energy comes from within the sun itself through process called nuclear fusion reaction. In this reaction four atoms of hydrogen combine to form one helium atom with loss of matter. This matter is emitted as radiant energy.

Solar water pumps for agriculture

On an average, daily solar energy falling over Pakistan ranges from 4 to 6 kWh per meter square. Depending on the location sunshine hours varies from 2,300–3,200 hours in a year. This is more than enough than our today’s total energy consumption.

This energy from the sun is used as solar thermal and solar power applications. Solar thermal energy, through various technologies, is utilized.

For various purposes which includes Heating, Drying, Cooking, seasoning of timber, water treatment (Distillation and disinfection), Cooling (Refrigeration and Cold storage), High temperature process heat for industrial purposes.

Though the solar water pumps for agriculture are being used in Asia but still there are so many countries which are going through energy crisis and this is the only possible way which they can give to their agricultural system. And by high efficiency and low cost, it can give so many advantages to the agricultural system.

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